Current and Recent Projects

Autumn 2020

Setting the hymn Belmont for David Aprahamian Liddle.

Editing performance videos for posting on YouTube for David Aprahamian Liddle.
Mnemonic by David Aprahamian Liddle.

Summer 2020

Setting, editing and printing Peter Warburton’s Zack Says ‘Do It’.
Setting, editing and printing Peter Warburton’s Bounce.
Setting, editing and printing Dark Matter Hunting by Deidre Gribbin.  The work was written for The Doric String Quartet for performance at Bantry House July 1st 2020 and was commissioned by West Cork Music for performance at the 25th West Cork Chamber Music Festival. Funds were also provided by The Arts Council for Northern Ireland as part of a Major Individual Artist Award.

New venture: Editing performance videos for posting on YouTube for David Aprahamian Liddle.
Charles-Marie Widor Symphony No8, Homophony and Eriskay Love Lilt by David Aprahamian Liddle.

Spring 2020

Proof-reading, editing, printing and binding five Geoff Lawson arrangements for Alberto Giurioli.
Editing and setting Symphonic Labyrinth for David Aprahamian Liddle.

Winter 2019/2020

Post-performance corrections to Deidre Gribbin’s Kindersang, extracting two songs from Mare Tran, printing Kindersang and Unseen for nomination.  Printing Violin Concerto Venus Blazing.
Post-recording edits of Peter Warburton’s Bahia Estrellada.
Editing and setting Three Partitas for Organ and Advent Prose for David Aprahamian Liddle.

Autumn 2019

Printing and binding Peter Copley‘s Salamanca.
Setting, editing and printing Peter Warburton’s Bahia Estrellada.
Editing and setting Juliette’s Madrigal, Hymns and Dzidzernag (Swallow) for David Aprahamian Liddle.

Summer 2019

Editing and setting Psalm 112 and Partita Penultima for David Aprahamian Liddle.
Editing and setting Merbecke Mass for David Aprahamian Liddle.

Spring 2019

Editing and setting Valse Locrienne, Acclamation, Barely Starlit Sea, and Antiphons for David Aprahamian Liddle.
Setting various Psalm Tones for St. Matthias’ Church, London.

Setting, editing, printing and binding Deidre Gribbin’s Did you see an Angel also? Commissioned by The Kathleen Trust for Priya Mitchell, Natalie Clein and Julius Drake. World premiere at Middle Temple, London April 7th 2019.
Setting three Irish Art Songs for Deidre Gribbin
Commissioned with funds from the Arts Council for the Irish Language Art Song Project 2019

Winter 2018/2019

Editing, printing and binding Brown Book music for Denise Jahnigen.
Setting, editing, printing and binding Deidre Gribbin’s Piano Trio After the Eagle, commissioned by The Belfast Music Society with funds provided by The Arts Council of Northern IrelandPremiere given by The Amatis Trio at The Sir Hamilton Harty Room, Queen’s University Belfast March 1st 2019.
Editing various Robert Mitchell scores for the RAM.

Autumn 2018

Setting Quem Pastores Laudevere for David Aprahamian Liddle.
Editing The Hill for Tom Harrison.

Summer 2018

Setting Ripieno Jubilante and Nocturne for David Aprahamian Liddle.
Preparing Sibelius musical examples for Prof. D. I. Clarke of Newcastle University.
Editing printing and binding the score and parts for the Kingdom Choir‘s album for Geoff Lawson.

Spring 2018

Setting Skye Boat Song and Eriskay Love Lilt and Partita Narrativa for David Aprahamian Liddle.
Setting, editing, printing and binding Deidre Gribbin’s Kindersang for soprano and violin.  Kindersang was commissioned by the West Cork Music Festival and the Wigmore Hall for performance at the 23rd West Cork Chamber Music Festival and subsequently at the Wigmore Hall with contributions from the PRS for music commission.  World premiere July 1st 2018 by Soprano Caroline Melzer and Violinist Nurit Stark for whom the work is written.

Winter 2017/2018

Editing, printing and binding scores and parts of Geoff Lawson and Jon Cohen’s arrangements for Shulem Lemmer’s album.

Autumn 2017

Editing, printing and binding Deidre Gribbin’s Unseen for piano.  Unseen was commissioned by the Dublin International Piano Competition 2018 for performance in May 2018, with funds provided by RTÉ Lyric FM.  The piece will be published by the Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin

Editing, printing and binding the revision to Deidre Gribbin’s Piano Concerto The Binding of the Years with a new second movement.

Summer 2017

Setting from dictation David Aprahamian Liddle’s Partita Narrativa

Editing, printing and binding scores and parts of Geoff Lawson and Jon Cohen’s arrangements for Pavel Šporcl’s Carol Album.

Editing, printing and binding Deidre Gribbin’s Through Every Wind That Blows for trumpet and piano. Commissioned by Music Network with funds provided by the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon.  Premiered by Tine Thing Helseth and Gunnar Flagstad in St.Ann’s Church, Dawson Street, Dublin on 10th October 2017.

Spring 2017

Setting on Sibelius, editing and recording Bernard Aaron’s Choral and recording his children’s plays.
Setting various pieces, including Hymn and Jem’s Join for  David Aprahamian Liddle.
Printing and binding 80 copies of the vocal score of David Murray’s Choral Arrangements.

Winter 2016/2017

Preparing Indian musical examples for Prof. D. I. Clarke of Newcastle University.
Editing Robert Mitchell‘s Vigil for publication on his website.

Autumn 2016

Printing and binding Bernard Aaron’s Una Princessa en la Corte del Califa.
Editing and preparing PDFs of Deidre Gribbin’s Lines are no longer Frontiers.

Summer 2016

Setting Paul Smith’s Nocturne, Five Part-Songs for SATB.  Text by Lord Tennyson, Herbert Trench, John Fletcher, Lord Byron, William Shakespeare.
Setting from dictation David Aprahamian Liddle’s Partita Espressiva in A for harmonium a salute to César Franck’s L’Organiste.

Spring 2016

Setting, printing and binding Deidre Gribbin’s Devil’s Dwelling Place for solo violin.  To be premiered by Nurit Stark at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival in July 2016.
Setting on Sibelius various pieces by Chick Corea including: Leprechaun’s Dream, Mad Hatter’s Rhapsody, Soft and Gentle, Cappuccino, Sicily, Nite Sprite, Lenore. 

Winter 2015/2016

Editing Robert Mitchell‘s A Confession, The Spirit Line, Flawless and Reflection submitted for the Hamlyn award.
Setting on Sibelius the children’s musical Freeky the Pretty Witch. Music by Bernard Aaron lyrics and plot by Florence Novelli.

Autumn 2015

Marina Frolova-Walker Prokofiev musical example.

Editing, printing, binding Lionel Segal’s Pictures of Life for orchestra, chorus and children’s chorus to be premiered at Kings Place Theatre 26 10 2015.  Working in collaboration with Geoff Lawson.

Summer 2015

Setting on Sibelius, editing, printing, binding David Murray’s arrangements of popular songs for chorus and orchestra.

Spring 2015

Setting on Sibelius, editing, printing, binding Deidre Gribbin’s Eileen Grey Invitation to a Journey Commissioned by Crash Ensemble and to be premiered by them, Fishamble The New Play Company and CoisCeim Dance Theatre at Galway Theatre Festival 2016.  Setting on Sibelius, editing, printing, binding her string quartet Picometer premiered by the Benyounes Quartet.

Winter 2014/15

Setting on Sibelius, editing, arranging Bernard Aaron‘s Ballet for Guitar and Orchestra Mightier than the Sword.  David Johnson’s Bassoon Sonata.

Autumn 2014

Further edits to Robert Mitchell‘s Invocation.  David Aprahamian Liddle‘s Toccata Reditus.  Setting various musical examples with Cyrillic  text for Marina Frolova-Walker.  Revisions to David Murray‘s musical A Christmas Carol.

Summer 2014

David Johnson’s Mosaic.

Spring 2014

Editing, printing and binding Robert Mitchell‘s Invocation for jazz trio, soprano soloist, choir and strings.

Transcribing from recordings and MIDI files: William A. Phillips’ EJJE Amore Suite.

Printing and binding Neil Hannon‘s To Our Fathers In Distress for choir, organ and strings.  Premiered at the Southbankcentre, London 22 March 2014.

Winter 2013/14

Bernard Aaron: Revisions to the children’s musical Mrs. Periwinkle’s Cosmic Dream, setting A Butterfly In The Meadow for guitar, arranging it for piano.
Setting the children’s musicals Queen Cat Of Furbit and Santa and The King.

Autumn 2013

Tidying Tim Garland‘s Sanctuary, joining Libra to Sun God/Moon God, printing and binding Sun God/Moon God, Libra, Homage, Northern Sky.

Engraving from dictation David Aprahamian Liddle‘s Polyphony In T Major for organ.

David Murray‘s Five Songs and A Christmas Carol, a musical for children, adult choir, piano and strings.

Summer 2013

Editing Denise Jahnigen’s Songs of the Rainforest for large orchestra and percussion, commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
Setting on Sibelius and editing Chick Corea‘s  Hymn
Printing and binding Tim Garland’s 5 Songs To The Northern Sky
Engraving from dictation David Aprahamian Liddle’s Mnemonic Suite for organ.

Spring 2013

Setting on Sibelius and editing Chick Corea‘s  Addendum for Piano, Violin and Cello.

Winter 2013

Setting, editing, printing, binding Deidre Gribbin’s string quartet Hearing Your genes evolve.  Deirdre worked as Artist in Residence at The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge.  The piece was written at the Laboratory in Cambridge as a result of a Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence hosted by Dr Sarah Teichmann. The world premiere, April 13th 2013, was given by The Smith Quartet as part of The Royal Greenwich International String quartet Festival at The Cutty Sark performance space.

Editing Tim Garland’s Eisler’s Hand comissioned for The Harmony Orchestra and Das Kapital, 2013.

Printing and binding James Shenton’s Piano Trio.

Setting, editing, printing, binding Dorothy MacMahon’s Northumbrian Sketch

Autumn/Winter 2012

Editing Stuart Mitchell’s score for the film The Grounding.

Setting on Sibelius and editing Chick Corea ‘s Duet for Flute and Piano Hong Kong.

Revisions to Deidre Gribbin’s Piano Concerto The Binding of the Years for performance at BBC 15 March 2013.

Revisions to David Johnson’s Sonata for Bassoon and Piano senza misura version.

Summer 2012

Editing and preparing PDFs for Tim Garland’s 5 Songs To The Northern Sky to be recorded at the Sage Gateshead on 12th September 2012 .

Editing and preparing PDFs for Tim Garland’s arrangements of Jean Luc Ponty’s pieces for performance in Brazil October 2012 :

Dream Revelation, On My Way To Babylon , To & Fro , Life Enigma, Metamorphosis, Last Memories Of Her .

Engraving from dictation David Aprahamian Liddle’s Sharounag for organ.

David Aprahamian Liddle

Printing and binding Emily Howard’s Calculus of the Nervous System to receive its UK premiere at the BBC Proms 2012 21st August.

Emily Howard

Continuing with Michael Smith’s mammoth work: The Prelude, and

Continuing with David Johnson’s Sonata for Bassoon and Piano

Spring 2012

Hugo Bell Binding Six Short Pieces for Piano

Editing, printing, binding, creating a paino reduction of Lionel Segal’s Pictures Of Life for Vocal Soloists, Chorus and orchestra.  Premiered 15 July 2012 St. Pancras Station, London, UK.

Copying and editing David Johnson’s Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (barred version)

Copying and editing Michael Smith’s The Prelude a piece for chorus and orchestra based on William Wordsworth’s The Prelude.

Winter 2011-2012

Alexander Prior’s Symphony for Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Deidre Gribbin’s Piano Concerto The Binding of the Years. To be premiered 25 5 2012 at the National Concert Hall Dublin by RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra , Finghin Collins piano solo, Alan Buribayev Conductor.

Alexander Prior’s opera for Los Angeles Opera

Autumn 2011

Compiling five pilot Piano Music Medals books for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music .

Revision of David Johnson’s Wind quintet.

Summer 2011

Revision to Tim Garland’s Libra

David Wulstan’s chants finished and to be published.

April-May 2011

Editing, printing and binding scores of  Tim Garland’s peice for orchestra and big band Meet Father Time for EMSUC Barcelona.  To be premiered 16th June 2011 in Barcelona.

Almost finished David Wulstan’s mammoth book of chants.  To be printed by Cambrian Printers .

January – March 2011

Editing, printing and binding scores of  Tim Garland’s Concerto for Saxophone, Percussion and Orchestra for the LSO . Premiere 5th May 2011 Barbican Hall with Neil Percy on percussion, conducted by Francçois-Xavier Roth
Continuing with David Wulstan’s collection of chants.
Revising Deidre Gribbin’s Crossing The Sea.
David Murray’s choral arrangements of popular songs.

Winter 2010 Editing, printing and binding scores of  Tim Garland’s Dawn Before Dark Before Dawn for the NYJO .

Winter 2010 editing, printing and binding Lionel Segal ‘s Pictures of Life for mixed choir.

Autumn 2010 editing, printing and binding Andrew Guthrie’s Silent Night for 4-part choir.

Autumn 2010 editing, printing and binding Thanos Chrysakis ‘ Passage Dangeruex forCD, Goldon Toy Piano and Piano, Into The Distance for solo bass clarinet and Encounters forsynthesizer.

Autumn 2010 editing, printing and binding Dorothy MacMahon’s arrangement for two pianos of Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag.

Summer 2010 Editing, printing and binding scores of  Tim Garland’s  The Stream for entry in the BASCA  2010 Composer Awards.

Summer 2010 Re-editing Italian Popular songs for   Craig Leon  rehearsals and TV recording in Las Vegas.

Spring 2010  Deidre Gribbin’s  Island People commissioned by the Dartington International Summer School , premiere 2 August 2010.  Performed by the soprano Evelyn Tubb, Trumpeter David Staff and the Smith Quartet.

January – March 2010

Alexander Prior’s Horizons composed for the RPO , premiered April 8 2010.  Alex is now Assistant to the guest conductors at the Seattle Symphony Orchestra .

Various popular Italian songs for the American PBS, in collaboration with Craig Leon .

David Johnson’s Sonata for Bassoon and Piano.

Review of the premiere of Tim Garland’s Double Concerto given by the CBSO 10 12 2009 by John Watson:

“Blending jazz and classical music is a difficult art, but the brilliant saxophonist Tim Garland is an imaginative composer who can excel in many styles of music.   His new Double Concerto for Saxophone and Cello, given its world premiere last night, featured his Argentian-born friend Eduardo Vassallo section leader of the CBSO cellos.

Garland, who has worked with the great American pianist Chick Corea and is a member of the UK jazz group Acoustic Triangle, has created a most extraordinary, complex and colourful work.   The Double Concerto swirled and raged like a great South American river, the saxophone and cello at times being in danger of being swamped by the orchestral forces around them.  But it was captivating music, with strong performances from Garland on tenor and soprano saxophones and immaculate intonation on the cello’s high notes from Vassallo”.

November 2009 engraving Bernard Aaron’s children’s musical Misty.

October 2009 engraving grades 4-7 organ sight-reading tests for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music .

September 2009 engraving grades 5 and 8 piano sight-reading tests for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music .

September 2009 editing Tim Garland’s  Double Concerto for Soprano and Tenor Sax, Violoncello and Orchestra.

Summer 2009 editing, printing, binding and preparing a piano reduction and vocal score of Alexander Prior’s 4th Symphony “Gogol”.

May 2009 Revising Deidre Gribbin’s Crossing the Sea. Nominated for a British composer award.

Preparation of Oboe scales and arpeggios suitable for the graded exams of the ABRSM .

April 2009 Revisions to David Johnson’s Four Christmas Songs.

April 2009 Engraving, editing, printing and binding Deidre Gribbin’s Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for SSATB.  To be performed at St Pancras church on the 10th and 13th of May 2009 and broadcast in Choral Evensong by BBC Radio 3 on the 13th of May as part of the Contemporary Church Music Festival.

April 2009 Editing, printing and binding scores and parts of Alexander Prior’s Concerto for Two Violins, Cello and Piano “Velesslavitsa”.  This piece was commissioned by C4 Television for RDF Television for C4’s TV series The World’s Greatest Musical Prodigies .  The Concerto is to be performed at The Sage Gateshead on April 29th 2009 and broadcast on C4 in June 2009.

IMG_0475 Alex & Ian

L to R Michael Province , Zhang Xiaoming ,                    Alexander Prior and Ian Phillips-Kerr
Alexander Prior , Simone Porter , Nathan Chan

March 2009 Transposition for Northern Sinfonia of four trumpet parts for Duke Ellington’s Black, Brown and Beige Suite.

Feb 2009 Preparation of bass clarinet part for Cayabyab by Helmut Oehring for Tom Pauwels and Ictus Ensemble vzw, Belgium.

Feb 2009 for Bartholomee Productions Preparation of sore and parts for Ophélie Gaillard ‘s tour 2009.

Nov 2008 to present Various children’s musicals by Florence Novelli and Bernard Aaron including Mrs Periwinkle’s Cosmic Dream, Oodle-Noodle and Crumdum, Itchy, Snitchy and Boo.

Nov 2008 Various musical examples for Prof. David Clarke of Newcastle University.

Oct-Nov 2008 Engraving and editing Deidre Gribbin’s Anahorish for soprano, violin, harp and piano based on a poem by Seamus Heaney .  Commissioned by Queen’s Graduates’ Association as a gift for Seamus Heaney on his receiving a life-time achievement award from Queen’s University Belfast .  To be premiered at Whitla Hall, Belfast on December 2nd 2008 to commemorate the centenary of Queen’s University.

Oct-Nov 2008 Engraving and editing music examples for Prof. David Clarke’s article on Michael Tippett.

Summer 2008 Editing and printing music for Ophélie Gaillard ‘s forthcoming album and 2009 tour.

Autumn 2008 Revisions to Dorothy MacMahon’s musical “Border Reivers”

Engraving, editing and printing David Johnson’s second Wind Quintet.

Chick Corea . Editing and printing Tim Garland’s arrangements for Chick’s album The New Crystal Silence .

Chick Corea

James Galway ’s album Wings of Song

James galway

Ryland Angel ’s eponymous album

Ryland Angel

Giorgia Fumanti ’s From My Heart

Giorgia Fumanti

Natasha Marsh ’s album Amour

Natasha Marsh

Jung Kwak (Harpist K’s) album.

Wings of Song, Ryland Angel, From My Heart and Amour: all collaborations with Craig Leon .

Stuart Mitchell . Seven Wonders Suite, Cello Sonata, Seven Songs of the Chartres Labyrinth, Rosslyn Motet.

Stuart Mitchell

Deirdre Gribbin . Venus Blazing Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Goliath Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra, Merrow Sang string quartet, Unity of Being, Crossing the Sea, Empire States, Isamnion, Piano Trio.

Tim Garland . Piano Concerto, Homage to Bach, Three Lullabies, The Moon for Her, Tim’s arrangements of Slander and Available in Blue for Joe Locke , Tim’s arrangements of Duende, Crystal Silence, La Fiesta, Brazilia, Love Castle for Chick Corea . On the album The New Crystal Silence .  Available to buy from this site Tim’s album with the northern underground orchestra: Due North .

David Wulstan books and articles – Play of Daniel, Cantigas de Santa Maria.  Tonality – his book which will de-bunk Schenkerian analysis.

Céline Spengeman. Arranging and orchestrating the musical Behind Closed Doors.

Nebojša Jovan �ivkoviæ . Concerto for the Mad Queen, Tales from the Centre of the Earth, Horn Concerto.

VCM Music College London. Setting their revised grades 1-8 piano syllabus.

Vivaldi Operas – Bajazet, Griselda