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Music works’ director is Ian Phillips-Kerr. After a career in business I studied music at Newcastle University where my tutor was the Chair of Composition, Prof. Agustín Fernández . I specialised in composition and orchestration which, together with my deep personal knowledge of written music, provided a firm basis for Music works which I set up after graduating in 1998.

 Ian Phillips-Kerr

Ian Phillips-Kerr


To create a publication quality finished product to the client’s brief – on time, within budget and to specification.

I relish a challenging work – for example working from Vivaldi’s original manuscript, or a complex contemporary piece, to transforming MIDI files into traditional notation.

I believe that written music is as beautiful an art-form as performed music. I apply this belief assiduously to the fulfilment of the client’s brief.My aim is to reduce as much as possible the questions asked during rehearsals.

I look at the music from the points of view of the players and conductor and try to elimante any ambiguities.  In doing so I will make recommendations to the composer during the editing of the piece and will then follow the composer’s instructions.

Cues will be inserted in the parts at appropriate points and easy page turns will be facilitated.

All music will open flat.